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We are highly experienced in PLASTICS EXPERT WITNESS work for both plaintiffs and defendants in the following areas:

  • Patent Infringement
  • Patent Validity
  • Product Liability
  • IPR
  • Expert Reports

Good expert witnesses must have great credentials to be effective. We have almost 35 years of experience working with plastics. Working for world leading plastics processing equipment and contract manufacturers, completing manufacturing assessments for multi billion dollar plastics companies, presenting at and moderating top plastics technology conferences we feel we can best support your litigation. Below is a representative overview of the technologies we are familiar with and markets we are covering.

Plastics Materials

We are familiar with most of the existing plastics materials (chemical, mechanical, electrical, rheological, optical properties)

from A as in ABS to Z as in ZYTEL (thermoplastic polyamide, trademark by DuPont)

and everything in between

from Recycled materials to Bioplastics (non fossil fuel based), WPC (Wood Plastics Compounds)  to CFRTP
​(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics)

from LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber) to the latest high temperature Engineering Thermoplastics (PEEK, LCP, PSU, PEI)

Plastics Processing Machinery

Engineering - Manufacturing - Processing 

Injection Molding - single and multi material molding

Extrusion, Co-Extrusion - Film, Sheet, Profile

Blow Molding - Bottle, Film



Rapid Prototyping - 3DP, SLS, SLA, FDM, LOM

Peripheral Equipment

Robotics, Factory Automation, Drying, Compounding, Material Transfer, Mixing, QC, ERP, Special Processes (Welding, Decorating, Plasma Treatment, Bonding, Painting, IML) 


Injection Molds - single and multi material, hotrunner

Extrusion Dies - Film, Sheet, Profile, Blow Molding - Bottle, Film

Thermoforming molds

Rapid Prototyping

High Speed Machining

Material Testing


Market Expertise (representative cross section - please contact us for applications not listed)

  • Medical/Medical Devices - glucose meters, artificial kidneys, petri dishes, cannulas, IV bags, disposable and pre-filled syringes, insulin pens, inhalers, blood separators, implantables
  • Automotive/Mobility - bumper, facia, tail/head lights, LED, interior and exterior trim, dash board, mirror housings, sun roof (glazing), HVAC, fluid (brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid) container, power train
  • Personal care – cosmetic containers, caps, closures, deodorant sticks, lip sticks, jars, disposable razors, tooth brushes
  • Consumer Electronics - TV, CD/DVD, smart cards, data storage, connectors, phones, printers, copiers, household appliances
  • Building&Construction - pipes, fittings, irrigation, connectors, siding, film, decorating trim, container, crates, pallets
  • Rigid and flexible Packaging - film, sheet, caps, closures (child resistant), food container, crates, collapsible containers, PET and CSD bottles
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